Shea Butter

Body Butter   
Shea Butter
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Go natural with this luxurious unrefined Shea butter. Use it as a body butter to moisturize after you shower, or mix it yourself to make your own blend of therapeutic lotions and lip butter using our pure essential oils. Shea butter has a light, nutty, sweet honey scent. 

This butter extracted from the Shea Nut is unrefined and unprocessed in any way and there may be bits of impurities and  some sediments present (tiny bits of the shell, plant fibers, etc..). Although batches vary to some extent, this product usually has a very strong nutty, pungent, oily aroma that is characteristic of a pure & natural Shea Butter. Also present will be various natural inconsistencies in color including darker spots and grey streaks. It is solid at room temperature and rather hard in consistency.


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