The Mountaineer Beard Oil

Beard Oil   
The Mountaineer Beard Oil
  • $18.98

Have your Whiskerandoes on point with our superior conditioning beard oil.

This beard oil has a complex, yet familar scent. Made with our usual high-quality oils of Sweet Almond and Argan, it's blended with Meadowfoam oil which is lightweight and fast-absorbing.

Cardamom oil gives it the slight exotic scent, not only is it nourishing for the skin, it's antimicrobial, and also known as an aphrodisiac.

Thyme oil, the most dominant scent, is warm, earthy and grounding. Thyme oil is antimicrobial, balances hormones, and said to aid in preventing hair loss. 

Hand made with no chemicals, artificial preservatives, only all-natural ingredients.

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