Gourmet Avocado Oil

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Gourmet Avocado Oil
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Give the gift of luxury with this beautifully designed, ceramic printed bottle, wax-dipped with our logo emblazoned upon the top. Our Gourmet Avocado oil is made with specially selected high grade Hass Avocado fruits, providing you a rich, bright green and incredible flavoured oil. 

This specialty oil has a superb and distinct creamy avocado flavour making it perfect for dips, salads, and anything else you want to impress with.
We cold-press our avocados to ensure you are getting the highest quality oil possible.  It is rich in the vitamins and minerals that most oils lose when processed by heat and other methods that are common in commercial oil making. 
What Makes Our Avocado Oil Different?
We hold our oil-making to extremely high standards. In the oil industry there are very few regulations involved to ensure that the oil you buy is pure (not mixed with anything else), nor that if a label says 'Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed' there is nothing to stop companies from refining, heating and filtering their oil and STILL making those claims on the label.
At BR Naturals, we are acutely aware that this is happening in the industry, and doing everything we can to make products that are EXACTLY what we say they are, with no exceptions. 

Cold-Pressed, Undiluted and Unrefined


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