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The BR Naturals website ( complies with the following Privacy Policy:

by using this site you indicate your acceptance of BR Naturals' Online Privacy Policy. Should you have any questions about this privacy policy or any policies on our website, please contact our Customer Service Department


The types of personally identifiable information that may be collected on these pages include: name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, credit card information, shopping/order history, wish list, and information about your interests in and with the use of various products, programs, and services that we own.

In addition, from time to time, we collect information that you submit when participating in website-related activities like ordering products, creating a wish list, submitting questions to our customer support team, using our “contact us” form, entering contests, voting in polls, commenting on website pages, and/or subscribing to one of our newsletters.

BR Naturals will not collect any personally identifiable information about you unless you provide it to us voluntarily. BR Naturals may store and process that information to better understand your needs and how we can improve our products and services and then use that information to contact you for informational and promotional purposes or use and disclose that information to third parties to the extent necessary to provide you with products or services you have ordered.

This site collects no personally identifying information about individuals except when specifically and knowingly provided by such individuals. We do record information such as time of day, pages viewed, # of visits, time spent on pages, browser type, browser language, other user device information, location, and IP address and we also have access to any of the additional information that is regularly collected by Google Analytics when you interact with the site. BR Naturals uses this information to figure out if there are problems with our website, server and/or other ways to better administer the website for a better user experience.

A user's personally identifying information may be used for marketing and promotional purposes (such as announcing the winner of a contest or promotion) and we may share this information with others if the user has not advised us of his or her preference not to be included in such an exchange.


In addition, we may place a “cookie” in the browser files of a user’s computer. The cookie itself does not contain any personally identifying information although it will enable us to relate a user’s use of our sites to information that the user has specifically and knowingly provided to us.


To ensure the security of your data, including address information and credit card numbers, BR Naturals always uses industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving consumer data exchanged with our site. We have appropriate security measures that protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you. We do not store credit card numbers or information on our servers; they are collected through a third-party service.

While we will seek to require third parties with whom we have agreements to follow appropriate privacy policies, we do not bear any responsibility for any actions or policies of third parties. Our web site contains links, including e-commerce opportunities with affiliates, partners and associates, to other sites that are not maintained by us. If you visit these sites, please look for their privacy policy.


BR Naturals may update this privacy policy from time to time to reflect changes and updates to our website and operations. BR Naturals has the right, at our sole discretion, to change, terminate, modify, add or remove any portion of this privacy policy. Changes to this privacy policy will be effective when posted. Your continued use of this site, its content, social media, and other digital features/properties will be considered acceptance of those changes.