Our Processing Plant

Most of the ingredients used for the making of our natural products are processed in our production plant located in Yobaín, Yucatán México.

What is processed there: Oils, Essential Oils, and Plant Extracts

We use 4 processes:


All of our oils are cold and virgin pressed, with exception of distillation. All oils are processed without the use of any “chemical or solvent extraction” which allows us to produce the highest quality first cold pressed virgin oils without further processing, or  “refining, bleaching, deodorizing”, RBD as its known. This allows us to keep the oil as pure and natural as possible.

The raw material used in our production plant is seeded, grown totally organic and harvested by ourselves in our farm, also located in Yobaín, Yucatán México. Nothing is outsourced.

Much of the processing creates the byproduct of juices, which is then packaged and sent to juice makers. Leftover materials from distillation, such as the fibers and pulp from cold pressing, get recycled as natural organic fertilizer and returned to our orchards leaving us with no waste.