Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit extract in a bottle in front of some grapefruits which have been cut in half

Grapefruit Seed Extract is a liquid extract derived from the seeds, pulp, and white membranes of grapefruit, it is sold as a food supplement, or used in cosmetics, due to its claimed as a natural antimicrobial preservative. Dr. Jacob Harich (1919-1996) was born in Yugoslavia and studied in Germany, his drive to find natural remedies to fight disease causing microorganisms without causing harm to humans. Jacob was a gardener and noticed that the grapefruit seeds did not compost, rot, and break down like all the other vegetable matter, so he researched and investigated his findings. It was in 1972 where the properties of grapefruit were extracted and discovered in Florida. His initial research had revealed that a substance found in grapefruit seeds appeared to be more effective, while less harmful than any known antibiotic. He found that the extracts from the seeds were capable of destroying yeast, fungi, parasites, and inactivated viruses. By the 1990’s Jacob Harich work has been valued by physicians and holistic doctors, and farmers in Europe, who were using the GSE in fish and poultry to prevent E. coli, and Salmonella infections. Europe’s leading AIDS center have been researching the potential benefits, and treatments for the HIV virus, with use of GSE, is currently taking place. The liquid extract is derived from the seeds, or pulp by grinding the seeds and pulp, and then mixing it with glycerin. Analysis indicates that the seed extract contains, flavonoids, vitamin C, tocopherols, citric acid, and minerals and more.