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Q: Are your products only sold through your website?

A: All sales are done through our website.

Q: I bought two of the same bars of soap, why are their colors different?

A: ‎When we make a block of soap it goes through a gel phase which creates temperature variations throughout which cool at different rates. The different rates of cooling create the color variations.

Q: When will my order ship?

A: Please refer to our shipping page

Q: What are these little stickers and/or numbers on the packaging?

A: Those numbers are batch numbers so we can track our products for quality control.

Q: Is it true BR Naturals has its own farms to process oils?

A: Yes, it's true! Please refer to our farm page

‎Q: I received my Lotion Bar and it was half melted.

A: Lotion bars are formulated to melt on contact with skin, so with extreme temperatures during shipping this can occur, the Lotion Bar has not spoiled and can still be used.

‎Q: How long with a BR Naturals product last?

A: Our natural products have a shelf life of 12 months.

Q: How can I contact BR Naturals?

A: Please visit our contact page