Dr. Bruce Fife, author of Stop Alzheimer’s Now, recommends VCO instead of MCT drugs such as Axona because the drugs become ineffective over time, wear off quickly, have side effects and cause free radical damage to the cells.

When the MCTs in virgin coconut oil are converted into ketones they act as a super fuel for the brain.  This super fuel provides energy to the brain as well as stimulates healing and repair.

It is the chemical structure of  the MCTs in coconut oil that allows them to pass through the blood-brain barrier which ordinary food or oils cannot.

Where to Get Quality Virgin Coconut Oil

If someone you love is suffering from a neuro-degenerative illness, help them by adding virgin coconut oil to their diet or skincare routine (your skin can absorb it).  The research is showing what Traditional Cultures such as those in the Pacific Islands have known for centuries – coconut oil helps keep you healthy!